Which emotion are you delivering to your customer?

4 Minute Mission #7: List the key feelings and emotions experienced by your customers

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All buying decisions are based on emotions. All of them. Even those purchases that appear to be rational, head-over-heart decisions, are driven by an emotion. Whether you buy a flashy red sports car or the safest car on the market, you’re satisfying an emotional need.

By identifying the primary feeling or emotion you deliver, you can offer your customers something far more valuable than a simple product or service.

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Following on from the problems you’re solving for your customer (identified in the last mission), let’s now list the benefits they get from your business…



How do you make your customers feel? For each of the benefits you listed above, write down how they will feel when they receive this benefit?

Happy, joyous, comfortable, at ease, secure, protected, excited, loved, sense of belonging, heard, validated, admired, respected, strong, relieved…

And don’t forget to consider the negative emotions people might be trying to avoid (pain, stress, fear, rejection, loneliness, etc). People are generally even more motivated to avoid pain than they are to seek pleasure.

Extra Yard

People buy based on emotions. If you can:

  1. Isolate the strongest desired emotions they seek through dealing with you.
  2. Offer these feelings or emotions as the end result of buying from you.
  3. Deliver them.

Then you are selling more than a product, more than a commodity. Once you are in the habit of thinking this way, you have an opportunity to find more ways of delivering strongly desired emotions to your customers. Congratulations – you are now focused on your customer rather than your product. So if when their needs change, your business can change with them.

Now what?

Isolate the most important feeling you deliver to customers (or the one they want most). In the next mission we’ll try to incorporate this into the message we began working on in Mission #4.

What emotion do YOU deliver?

This concept can be a little tricky to get the hang of, so the more examples we can get in the comments the better!

See you soon for the next mission…


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