Website + Sales Funnel for My Retirement Umbrellas

My Retirement Umbrellas, Kenmore, Brisbane

The Brief

David had been planning an online business for several months, but with so much to learn about websites, marketing, traffic and so on, he was getting stuck in an endless planning phase. He needed someone to build his website and assemble all the elements of his online business.

The Site

Wordpress Website - Online Business

We helped to take David’s ideas and strategies and turn them into a crystal clear business model, so that the website could be designed specifically for his business objectives. The final product was a clean, modern-looking site with a focus on lead generation. |

The difference between a website and a business

Lead Generation Website BrisbaneThe site was built around a specific online marketing plan that included the following elements:

  • Lead generation via email signups
  • Professional PDF guide as a signup incentive
  • Email marketing with automated followup emails
  • Facebook advertising
  • Google Adwords advertising


To test the site’s lead-generation model we needed to drive an initial influx of traffic to the site. We did this with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising because it delivers very quick results and allows targeting of specific audiences. By running campaigns on Facebook and Google Adwords, and refining our approach to double down on the best platform and highest converting market segment, we were able to find a sweet-spot of high converting traffic. The site is now consistently converting a juicy 20% of all PPC traffic into leads.

Work with us

If online advertising is an important source of customers for your business, please see our Online Marketing Service for Advertisers.