Website Ideas for Medicine Music

Hi Vicki! Your Medicine Music site is very striking and stylish I think. Since it’s already looking great, we can move our thoughts onto getting more customers.

1. Primary Message

Let’s first consider the first five seconds when someone first reaches your site.

Medicine Music Website ReviewPersonally it took me a lot of browsing through the different sections of your site to get a feel for what you’re offering. Now the average customer won’t go researching “just in case there’s something here for me”. In order to stick around, a customer needs a strong signal immediately that they are in the right place.

If this was a pet shop, or a medical practice, people know what this means. But because many people won’t be familiar with your particular type of “store”, we have to spell it out for them. How do we do that? Well a simple statement up-front is usually a good start. One of the best ways to get attention is to call out your ideal customer in this opening statement. Let’s say something to the effect of:

If you’re the type of person who believes in the healing powers of music, then you’re in the right place. We help you experience healing music with our Healing CDs, Medicine Music Workshops, and Meditational Concerts.

Or shorter is often better:

We help people experience the healing powers of music with our Healing CDs, Medicine Music Workshops, and Meditational Concerts.

You could also mention the Eastern or Indian influences or “world fusion music”. The exact wording will depend on what you know about your customers (the ones who come to your concerts etc) – what terms resonate with them?

Those who identify with your opening message will widen their eyes, sit forward in your chair and click on the category that most interests them.

2. Homepage Slider

Medicine Music SliderI’m not generally a fan of sliders on the homepage. I think once we’ve decided on the first message our visitor should see, we should prioritise giving them this message. One nice image with your primary message across it can be a better alternative than cycling through the different options (concerts, workbooks, youtube clips) on your site without any context – particularly when it’s only chance dictating which slide they see first.

3. Menu Structure

Medicine Music MenuConsider restructuring your menu items into a logical progression that gives an immediate sense for how your offerings fit into your business. Once they’ve read your opening message and are nodding their head, they can look to the menu and it should make sense. For example:

  • Home
  • Healing CDs
  • Medicine Music Workshops
  • Medtational Concerts
  • About Us

At present, it’s not immediately clear how India Jiva and Sacred Warrior fit into your business or your suite of offerings. Are they part of it or separate enterprises altogether?

I would perhaps put these sections (or links to these pages) within the About Us page. It makes sense to promote your different activities and websites within this site, but I’d simplify the choices on the homepage, then introduce other parts of your business or other sites where it makes sense within the site (e.g. After a section that talks about meditation, follow with “If you’re looking to learn more about meditation, please visit”)

4. Make it easy for them to purchase

My final tip is to make it easy to take the next step to working with you or purchasing. To do this, go onto every page pretending you are a customer who’s dead keen to buy the product they’re reading about (or hire you), and make sure that there is no doubt what the next step is.

Important: I’m not just talking about the “Shop” pages – every page on your site has a job to do, and if someone loves the sound of your Alchemy of Sacred Sound Workshop (on this page) then they should be told right there and then the next step to take, rather than having to search through the site themselves (e.g. make a booking here {link} or contact us here {link} or see our events/prices here {link}).

Imagine you’re one of those people in a supermarket offering taste samples of a new type of strawberry jam.

  • Scenario 1: You hand out spoonfuls of jam. If the customer likes it, maybe they’ll stumble across it in aisle 8 and buy some.
  • Scenario 2: You hand out spoonfuls of jam. When you hear “Mmm that’s delicious” you say “Well we have a special on today – would you like a jar?” – holding one out in your hand…

Which scenario would sell more jars? The one that makes it easiest for them to buy.

Thanks Vicki!

I hope my recommendations make sense. They are focused on increasing conversions (purchases) on your site, and overall it’s about telling people why they are on their site, making the options clearer, and leading them by the hand if they are interested in purchasing or contacting you.

Best of luck and please let me know if you have any further questions!

Dave Gillen | Digital Marketer | Brisbane

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