Website Ideas for Wintech

Hi Irene! Here are my suggestions for improving your site, with a view to generating customers.

Wintech Website Review1. Text Editing

If the intended audience is English-speaking, I would have the text read and edited throughout the site to correct grammar and spelling. Your credibility will improve if the information is more nicely written.

2. Services

If you’re offering multiple services, you need to publish one dedicated page for each service. Each service page should outline the way your service works, how you approach each job, what kind of customer your service is suited to, and link to the specific case studies showing evidence of delivering this service.

3. Target Audience

Case studies are one of the most powerful ways to showcase your work and build credibility. On this site however, your case studies vary widely, which shows that your skillset reaches across a wide range of topics and services. This might be well received by a potential employer, because they might be able to use your broad skillset.

A customer on the other hand is not as interested in your range of skills. Instead they want to see that you have expertise/case studies/focus in the one skill they need.

For example there are a lot of companies who specialise in building websites, so why would I choose you (with your wide range of skills) to build a website in preference to someone who has developed strong skills and a good portfolio purely in building websites?

So whether you show off a wide array of skills or focus down on one or two services depends on whether the site is targeted at potential employers or potential customers.

4. Narrow your offering.

Instead of offering general software development, let’s say you narrowed down your service to Motion Detection Software for example. Now you’re decreasing the size of your audience, but you’re giving this smaller group of people a real reason to choose you over a more general software company. Why? Because you’re an expert in motion detection, and you can demonstrate your expertise in this area with qualifications and case studies. Plus you’ll be able to charge higher prices, because you have an expertise in this area that others don’t.

If you want to shift more into building websites (or something else) that’s fine, but then you should make this the primary focus of the site, then get more jobs and case studies, and begin to prove yourself in this field.

Overall, the wide range of services offered gives the impression that you haven’t chosen anything specific to specialise in, and that’s not giving customers the confidence to hire you for their specific project.

5. Location

It doesn’t say on the site where you’re located. Adding your location gives you credibility because it makes you more than just an untrackable person in cyberspace, and it also gives people in your local area a strong reason to hire you.

I hope that helps to give you some direction for the site. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me here with any questions or phone me on (07) 3180 0288.

Thanks and best of luck!

Dave Gillen | Digital Marketer | Brisbane


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