Website ideas for Sigmatech

Hi James,

I hope the video above gives you some good ideas for generating more business through your website. I think you have a good looking site with plenty of good info, so it’s the right time to turn our attention to getting more customers.

The main ideas from the video are summarised below:

1) Homepage

  • A statement up-front that puts your business into context (i.e. we do X for Y)
    • It should basically say who your main/ideal customers are (big biz, small biz, industries?) and where (Brisbane).
    • When a potential customer lands on your site, relevance in everything. Their first question is “Am I in the right place?”, and this opening sentence will tell the right person “Yes you are”.
  • Bottom of homepage
    • Here is the type of thing we’re doing for our clients” – mini, single-paragraph case studies with logos. Not only explains how your services work in real-world businesses, but is great social proof that you have many happy customers/businesses already hiring you.

2) Personalise

  • Names – Who is behind this business, who works in this business, who are the experts I’ll be speaking to when I call?
  • Photos – Including photos of your staff, office, building, customers makes your business feel much more real (the more real you are, the more trusted). People are very good at filtering out “faceless” websites – it makes sense because they can’t see anyone saying “I’m James, and I’m acountable for the work we do here”.

3) Testimonials

  • The perfect testimonial uses a full name, position, company name, and a photo.
  • Much better used in the right context (for example each service page should include a testimonial for that specific service).

4) Services

  • Use your location to your advantage. For local customers you have an advantage (proximity) that any competitor outside Brisbane cannot match. I think you should let people know up-front. Using “Brisbane” more in your copy and titles (especially your services) will help you to be found more often by people in Brisbane.
  • Page titles -currently you’re using images for page titles. It does look good, but titles are the #1 most important factor for SEO, so you should definitely add proper titles in addition to or instead of the images.
  • The IT Support for different industries (real estate, law firms etc) is a great idea and could provide you with great landing pages for AdWords, but they need to be expanded to show your knowledge of IT needs in their industry, and some case studies or testimonials showing how you’ve served their industry in the past. At the moment it feels like you’re saying you “could” help these industries but haven’t yet.

I hope that all makes sense James. I’m also happy to have a chat on the phone or in person just give me a call anytime on (07) 3180 0288.


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