How we saved a company $2100 in AdWords on day 1


You know those times when you move or replace a page on your website? You’re careful to update your menu and any other links to the new page. You test it and it all seems to work.

But what can slip your mind is that your Google AdWords campaign has a range of ads pointing to specific pages across your site.

Recently during a full audit of a company’s ads and landing pages, we discovered that two ads were pointing to page URLs that no longer existed. As a result $2,100 of their monthly ad budget was wasted sending visitors to a non-existent page saying “Page Not Found”.

We made this discovery during a $600 Treasure Map project…/TreasureMap/

The problem was fixed in minutes, which shows that there’s some easy money to be made in your AdWords accounts if they haven’t been reviewed for a while. Happy hunting!!

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