Website + Online Marketing for Albany Clinic (Medical Practice)

Albany Clinic & Specialist Centre


Albany clinic had no website and no web presence. They were completely absent from some important online listings, and on other listings their details were outdated 🙁


This medical practice is well established. Their brand is well known in the local area, and they have a good reputation. People find them through word of mouth, their Yellow Pages listing, and because they are located in a prominent spot in Albany Creek – adjacent to shopping centre and visible to passing traffic.

Medical Practice Web Traffic

What this means is that there are a lot of new potential customers/patients who see the practice, or hear about it through word of mouth, or find their Yellow pages ad.

For most of these people a Google search is their next step to find out more information. Previously these searches would return nothing more than a phone number from a directory, which means that a lot of opportunities are lost to convince an interested (but still undecided) potential customer.


  1. Build website
  2. Update existing online listings – including link to website
  3. Add free listings to important directory sites
  4. Update Google Places/G+
  5. Produce new content on a regular weekly schedule

Website for Medical Practice

Initial website features and considerations: Present a human feel and real people, prominent phone number, opening hours, location, doctor profiles, list of services, photos, calls to action on each page, install Analytics to monitor site traffic and performance. Initial site content was distilled from a collection of notes and details provided by Dr Murray.

Medical Practice Website

Challenges: There are strict guidelines for marketing a medical practice because this is a highly regulated industry, so we focus on making it easy for people to find and contact the clinic, and become familiar with the doctors and the services they provide. Outlining how the procedures work at Albany Clinic helps to provide transparency for patients about what they can expect when they visit.

We implemented a system for publishing new content to the site weekly with minimal input required from Dr Murray the business owner, who also works full-time as a GP.

Initial Results

  1. Findability
  2. Credibility/Trust
  3. Traffic

Now that people can readily find Albany Clinic online, they not only have all the information they need (phone number, location, services, etc) and they immediately gain a sense of professionalism, friendliness, and expertise that is not communicated by other practices online.

We immediately began to capture traffic from the brand name (Albany Clinic) and from people searching for individual doctor’s names. After a few months people were also finding the site by searching for specific health topics, and we also began to rank prominently for some major terms.

Updated Results

We increased traffic by 600% by undertaking a program of weekly content publishing. A wide range of health topics were targeted, and the growth of the site from 6 to 38 pages means it’s now found by people searching not just for GP clinics, but specific services like women’s health, immunisation, diabetes, and so on.

2016 Update: The clinic has recently been able to enjoy a 50% growth of the business, expanding from 4 to 6 doctors in late 2015.


Dr Andrew Murray“Dave has been a great asset to our business. As we are time poor, he has worked seamlessly in the background designing our web pages and updating and improving the information. Dave seems to pick up the needs of his client quickly and also the way the client wishes to be involved in the process. Great to work with, excellent design, top results, we are very pleased we chose Dave Gillen.” Dr Andrew Murray, Albany Clinic

Work with us

Albany Clinic’s investment in their website has been returned many times over – they’ve built an asset that continues to pay dividends for the long term. If you own a service business we may be able to work together (see our services)