Name Your Customer Before Someone Else Does

4 Minute Mission #5: Identify your primary customer and call them out in your first message

Small Business Clarity

In the last mission you stated in very simple terms what your business does. If you were able to be highly specific, then that’s even better.

In this mission we focus in on your customer. Who is your typical customer, or your favourite customer, or your most profitable customer. We need to define who exactly our business is designed to serve.

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Do we really have to define a specific customer?

You serve a range of people and don’t want to exclude anybody right? But the wider range of people you target, the less chance you have of getting their attention. Here are the two biggest reasons to single out our ideal customer:

1. We want to be able to single them out with our lead message to them. If we can single them out and call them by name (not John or Paul, but say ‘self-employed accountants’, or ‘owners of antique furniture’) then we will capture their attention instantly.

Target customerHave you ever had someone call out your name in a shopping centre? Your head swivels around like a shot before you even have a chance to process it… only to see a mother yelling at a child who has the same name as you. Our usual filter that helps us ignore most of our surroundings (discussed in Mission #4) was bypassed because we were (inadvertently) singled out. This is the reaction we want from our target customer when we (deliberately) single them out.

2. Only by knowing exactly who we’re selling to can we craft a compelling offer that will get their attention.

Who is your customer?The point here is that our product/offer/business makes no sense without a customer. Try designing a hat without a specific customer in mind – what would it look like and how much would it cost? Only by naming the customer can you answer these questions. If I know my customers are farmers, then this will dictate the type of hat I try to sell them and the offer I make to them (your offer includes the price, warranty, delivery, as well as the be nefits you offer such as sun protection, comfort, durability, etc). This offer will be very different to the one I’d deliver to a baseball player or a fancy dress shop.

Mission Tasks

  1. Name your customer and add this to your primary message from the last mission.
  2. Now that you know who your business primarily serves, you might be able to be a little more specific about what you do.


  • Simple decription of service: We make bike helmets
  • Addition of customer: We make bike helmets for elite cyclists
  • Defining customer better defines the service: We make extreme lightweight helmets for elite cyclists

Extra Yard

To lelp make sure you follow through with this mission, leave the improved (more targeted) message for your business below as a comment…

See you soon for the next mission.


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