Elevator Pitch: Reveal The Soul Of Your Business

4 Minute Mission #8: Assemble your killer message and deploy it everywhere

Small Business Clarity

In this mission we’re bringing together the last four missions to craft a crystal clear and compelling message that we can use wherever our target customers are likely to see it. This message (or slight variations) can be used across multiple platforms and should allow people to instantly understand who we serve and what our business offers to them.

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Assemble Your Ammunition

Before we start, you’ll need in front of you the list of phrases you came up with in the previous four missions.

  1. Target customer [Mission #5]
  2. The problem you’re solving for them [Mission #6]
  3. The solution you offer [started in Mission #4 and refined in Mission #5]
  4. The biggest benefit of your solution and the feeling or emotion it brings your customer [Mission #7]

Audio Logo

Target Customer + Problem + Solution

Example: We help competitive runners with foot injuries return to racing sooner with specialised physiotherapy and orthotics.

Q: If you’re a runner, wouldn’t you choose this place over a generic physiotherapist every time?

The term “Audio Logo” is used by Jeff and Kane from Industry Rockstars who offer this great way to condense your business into one short sentence. The audio logo is perfect for any time someone asks you what you do. You might be amazed where you can pick up new clients if you can name them and their problem and a solution in 5 seconds flat!

Gaddie Pitch

You know how [target customer] [problem]. Well what we do is [deliver benefits/feelings/emotions] by [solution]. In fact [case study].

Read yours aloud and adjust until it fits the way you speak and rolls off the tongue and sounds natural.

Example: You know how a lot of small business owners can’t afford or can’t justify the expense of hiring a business consultant? Well what we do is help them commit to transforming their business on their own terms, by giving them one small mission to complete each week. In fact we have 84 small business owners who have taken our pledge and started improving their business already.

The Gaddie Pitch is the ultimate elevator pitch developed by Antony Gaddie. It’s slightly longer than the audio logo, and best suited for pitching to someone who you think might be a potential customer. If you can’t get them interested with your Gaddie Pitch (i.e. your most compelling argument) then they’re probably not your customer.

Instant Clarity Headline

End result customer wants + specified period of time + address the objections.


  • Hot fresh pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or its free (Domino’s)
  • Your home sold in 90 days or I’ll buy it
  • In 1 hour, learn the copywriting systems that will double your conversions

The instant clarity headline is Step 1 of Dane Maxwell’s guide – The Copywriting Checklist: How To Sell The Crap Out Of Great Products And Services. It’s great for sales pages or product pages on your website or ‘how-to’ articles on your blog. This checklist was available as a paid product, but there is a free pdf version at the link above.

Extra Yard

Update all platforms and materials with your new message.

Your customers only have room to digest one message from you. Scan your website, social media profiles and other materials to ensure that your primary message is obvious and not having to compete with a bunch of other things that you want people to know about you. Hit them once and hit them hard, then if they make contact with you from another avenue – hit them hard again in the same spot. If they are seeking you out then your first message resonated with them, so you want to re-inforce this first impression.

Hit me!

Leave your killer message as a comment below, and feel free to link to your website so I can check it out!.

I’d be glad to give you personalised feedback, and I’ll add the best ones to this post with a link to your website…


See you soon for the next mission…


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