Digital Product Creation for Yaro Starak (Online Entrepreneur)

CASE STUDY – Online Business


Yaro wanted to produce a series of online products to sell on his website, but this can be a time-consuming process on its own, not to mention all the other things that need to be done in order to run a successful product launch. 🙁


Hired Dave to create a series of digital information products from his existing blog content.

Why it worked: Yaro is a prolific writer on his blog, so there was already a huge amount of information on his site ( Yaro was able to take advantage of his existing catalogue of quality info, and Dave’s writing and editing skills to create products virtually hands-free.

Existing Blog Content

Tasks included: Review of existing blog content, selection of the most suitable content to be included in products, re-writing, editing, and assembling into a logical coverage of the topic, with the overall purpose of teaching strategies to people who want to learn how to make a living online.

Since we implemented a process that was as automatic as possible, Yaro’s only major role was to review the first draft and provide feedback. After that, it was handed back to Dave for formatting, polishing, and packaging into a product with a professional look and feel.

Digital Product Creation for Yaro


Instead of being swamped with all the things that need to be put in place for a successful product launch, Yaro was able to run promotion and marketing activities while the product was being created.

This not only allowed Yaro to launch his products sooner (and earn money from them sooner), but his launches were more successful for being able to focus his time on promotion and selling the products rather than creating them. Compare this to Yaro’s first ebook that he spent 8 months writing, never managed to finish, and never earned a cent from!

Selling Digital Products

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Yaro Starak Testimonial“Dave has been of incredible help, acting as my editor and writer, compiling my previous content into brand new guides and resources I am now selling to my audience. Dave always replies to my messages in a short period of time and returns work before deadline. He’s an important piece of the puzzle for every training product I sell online.” Yaro Starak,

Digital Product Creation

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