Website Ideas for Wintech

Hi Irene! Here are my suggestions for improving your site, with a view to generating customers. 1. Text Editing If the intended audience is English-speaking, I would have the text read and edited throughout the site to correct grammar and spelling. Your credibility will improve if the information is more nicely written. 2. Services If […]

Website Ideas for Medicine Music

Hi Vicki! Your Medicine Music site is very striking and stylish I think. Since it’s already looking great, we can move our thoughts onto getting more customers. 1. Primary Message Let’s first consider the first five seconds when someone first reaches your site. Personally it took me a lot of browsing through the different sections […]

Allenstown Medical Centre | website ideas

Hi Jane, Your website has some good features and I hope the video above gives you some ideas for where to take it next. Below is a summary of the main improvements mentioned in the video. 1) Small fix on homepage slider – the image file names are showing (e.g. IMG_4293.jpg). Either rename the files […]

Website ideas for Sigmatech

Hi James, I hope the video above gives you some good ideas for generating more business through your website. I think you have a good looking site with plenty of good info, so it’s the right time to turn our attention to getting more customers. The main ideas from the video are summarised below: 1) […]

Web Opportunities for Aussie Lutwyche

More Customers on the Web for Aussie Lutwyche Hi Alan, thanks for taking the time to visit. Please watch the video below to discover five things Aussie Lutwyche can do today to get more customers online. Watch the video Summary – Website 1. Make it easy to take the next step. On the default page […]

Online Marketing Strategy for a Mining Software & Data Services Company

Maxwell Geoservices have decided to get active online, but rather than merely show they are alive, how can their online activity be used to achieve their business goals.

Turning a mining consultant website into a business asset

This web review outlines the weaknesses of the Austral-Asia Geotechnical website (and advertising), and provides 4 clear strategies for getting more clients.

Online Strategy for a Mining and Geology Consultancy | RSC

WEB REVIEW – RSC MINING AND MINERAL EXPLORATION (CONSULTANCY) Hi RenĂ©, please see the video below for a review of the current RSC website and online activity. The goal? To turn your website into a real asset that can generate business under it’s own steam. Watch the video review Summary The RSC website is in […]

Online Marketing Strategy for a Mining Services Company | Map to Mine

With zero online presence, Albany Clinic was missing a lot of opportunities to turn their good reputation, word of mouth, advertising, and passing traffic into customers. Their website now allows them to turn each of these assets into more business.