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More Customers on the Web for Aussie Lutwyche

Hi Alan, thanks for taking the time to visit. Please watch the video below to discover five things Aussie Lutwyche can do today to get more customers online.

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Summary – Website

1. Make it easy to take the next step. On the default page of the Lutwyche Aussie site,  the “Free appointments” tab in its current position disappears once you start reading. If this is the next step you want your visitor to take, you need similar tabs or links throughout the main body text, so a they don’t have to go looking for it.

2. Make your appointment form convincing. Your current appointment page merely provides a place to enter details, and makes very little attempt to convince someone to fill out the form. Let your prospects know WHO should fill out the form, answer any concerns they might have about booking (remind them it’s free, no obligation, etc). You could also use testimonials to give them more confidence, and remind them how much money they might save.

3. Give an incentive to book. Give people a reason to book an appointment even if theyre still unsure whether you can save them money!! What is your specific offer to entice them to contact you? You might give them a free gift, or a free report. If you know the value of a new lead to your business, then you know what you can afford to spend to land a booking.

Facebook/Social Media

4. Regular success stories and testimonials. You’re doing a good job of being active on Facebook, and the industry news and handy tips you’re providing are a good start.

But if I’m on your page as a potential customer, I’m not getting any signals that tell me you’re geting results for your clients. I can’t see any success stories, or any sign of happy customers, so I’m left wondering if you provide a worthwhile service or not. You do have testimonials and reviews in different places, but they should be prominent here too.

Posts like “We just saved $144/wk on our mortgage” Jenny Jones, mother of 3, Lutwyche. Click here to see if we can do the same for you… – will really get people thinking about finally making that appointment. This is proof of what you might be able to do for me.


5. Put your videos where they are needed most. You have a number of videos on YouTube, but where else can these videos be found? Your website? Facebook? I can’t find them anywhere – which means your prospective customers aren’t seeing them. Once you’ve uploaded your videos to YouTube, you should embed them on a page on your own website. Then you can have them right within your sales process instead of sending people off to YouTube.

Think about it – which would you prefer?

Option 1: After a prospect watches your testimonial, they click on a video of a surfing dog.

Option 2: After a prospect watches your testimonial, they make a booking right there and then on the same page.

At a minimum, the video description should link back to a landing page on your website where they can take the next step.

See the way I’ve added the above video to my own website? This has allowed me to add further info and my contact details, and make it easy for the visitor (you) to take the action I want you to take (call me right now on 0403 798892 to set up a meeting).

Thanks a bunch Alan!

Hopefully you’re getting the impression that I’d be an ideal marketing assistant, who understands the role of marketing for your business.

I think I can be an asset to your team, so if you’d like to arrange an interview, please call me on 0403 798892. I’m happy to get together ASAP, and am ready for an immediate start if required.

Dave Gillen


Ph: 0403 798892