Allenstown Medical Centre | website ideas

Hi Jane,

Your website has some good features and I hope the video above gives you some ideas for where to take it next. Below is a summary of the main improvements mentioned in the video.

1) Small fix on homepage slider – the image file names are showing (e.g. IMG_4293.jpg). Either rename the files (using staff names for example) or stop them from displaying.

2) Number of pages on the site. Currently you only have 7 pages.

  • Each service listed on the homepage is an opportunity to add a page targeting that service.
    • On each page, simply explain who might use the service and walk them throught the procedure at your medical centre (how it will work).
    • If you can walk them through a each service, you’re giving them confidence – we do this all the time, we have an established procedure for it, and we know what we’re doing.

3) Our team. Good, but on a small screen, nothing is visible until you scroll down.

4) Services. Good, but again this is an opportunity to create more pages – in each page I would do the following:

  • Outline your service in a bit more detail
  • Say which of your doctors specialise in this particular service
  • Remind the customer that you bulk bill
  • Give your phone number
  • Ask them to make a booking

Here we’re taking your “informational” site and turning it into a sales process. The great thing is that we can do it without “selling” at all, which is important in your industry. In this case we’re just helping people to see that you know each health issue well and are able to treat it routinely, and then we’re making it easy for them to book if interested.

5) Sports head injuries. Articles like this are brilliant, but obviously take some work, so here are a couple of ways to get the most out of them:

  • Add headings throughout the article. These are important for helping Google (and humans) understand what the article is about.
  • Publishing more of them – it is indeed hard for doctors to find the time, but if you can draw from existing resources (e.g. past papers/articles, print brochures, talks) then you can repurpose these to produce articles without a lot of extra work.

I hope that all makes sense Jane and gives you a few steps for where to go next with the site. I’m also happy to have a chat on the phone so just give me a call anytime on (07) 3180 0288.

Good luck!


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