AdWords Success for Zest Physio

Zest Physiotherapy, Everton Hills, Brisbane


Karina and Shaun O’Leary tried advertising on Google as a way to get clients for their specialist physiotherapy practice (Zest Physiotherapy), but had not been able to get any results for their DIY Adwords campaign.


There were two opportunities for us to improve their Adwords campaign.

Adwords Brisbane Northside1. Adwords expertise – Google has strict guidelines that dictate how your ads should be set up, and that help you run better ads. Our Adwords specialist was also able to find more customer segments, better keywords, and cheaper clicks.

2. It’s what happens on your website (after your ad is clicked) that determines whether you get a customer. Karina manages her own website, so I worked closely with her to improve the structure, layout and the way Zest sell their services.

Adwords Everton Hills


Adwords Testimonial Physiotherapy Everton Hills“We set up our own adwords campaign, and it ran for 4 weeks without a single phonecall. We put Dave in charge of our ads and got 8 new clients in the first month!”

Karina O’Leary, Zest Physiotherapy

The best part is that Zest are now able to repeat their campaign every month and improve on it. Having a consistent source of new clients coming in every month automatically will really change things for them for the rest of 2015.

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